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  2019 年 5 月 16 日星期四,美国商务部对华为技术有限公司及其 68 家子公司实施了出口管制。之后,IEEE 发布了合规性的声明,并表示如果美国政府就出口管制条例在同行评审方面的应用做出进一步说明,IEEE 会做出相应更新。

  为此,IEEE 向美国商务部要求就出口管制条例在 IEEE 出版活动的适用性做出说明。目前,IEEE 已收到相关说明。根据新的信息,华为及其子公司的员工可以参加 IEEE 出版过程的同行评审和编辑工作。所有 IEEE 会员都可以继续正常参与 IEEE 的全部活动,无论他们的雇主是谁。

  我们此前限制性的做法完全是为了保护我们的志愿者和会员,规避相关的法律风险。在我们收到相关说明后,法律风险得以解除。我们由衷地感谢来自世界各地的会员和志愿者向 IEEE 提出的问题和意见,同时也感谢大家耐心等待我们处理好这一复杂的法律情况。

  一直以来,IEEE 致力于向其会员、志愿者和整个技术社区提供广阔的学术活动平台和帮助。其中,IEEE 每年在全球举办 1900 余场专业技术会议,并在 IEEE Xplore®上提供超过 480 万份文献资料。

  IEEE 认为科学和技术是全球性的活动。我们为全球的 IEEE 会员在世界各地开展的工作而感到自豪。IEEE 将继续为推动技术创新与进步贡献力量,为人类社会谋福祉。

  Statement Update: IEEE Lifts  Restrictions on Editorial and Peer Review Activities

  On Thursday, May 16, 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce applied  export control restrictions to Huawei Technology Ltd. and 68 of its affiliates. IEEE issued a statement regarding compliance and stated if the U.S. government clarified the application of the U.S. Export Administration  Regulations with respect to peer review IEEE would provide an update to the  IEEE community.

  IEEE has received the requested clarification from the U.S. Department of Commerce on the applicability of these export control restrictions to IEEE’s publication activities. Based on this  new information, employees of Huawei and its affiliates may participate as peer reviewers and editors in our publication process. All IEEE members, regardless of employer,  can continue to participate in all of the activities of the IEEE.

  Our initial, more restrictive approach was motivated solely by our  desire to protect our volunteers and our members from legal risk. With the  clarification received, this risk has been addressed. We appreciate the many  questions and comments from our members and volunteers around the world and  thank them for their patience as we worked through a legally complex  situation.

  IEEE offers a wide range of activities and benefits for its members, volunteers and the wider technical community, including sponsoring more than 1,900 annual conferences and events worldwide and providing access to over 4.8 million publications on IEEE Xplore®. 

  IEEE recognizes that science and technology are a global activity. We are proud of the work our members do around the world and we are dedicated to advancing technological excellence for the benefit of humanity.


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